In order to become an exhibitor online...

You must be able to load digital images of your work onto a computer with access to the internet, be a member of CCoA, pay $20 for Gallery pivileges, and agree to the following conditions:

Statement of Agreement

To the Board of Directors of the Croton Council on the Arts:

I am, or am becoming, a member of the CCoA and would like to exhibit pictures of my art work in the on-line Members' Gallery of the CCoA website (

It is my understanding that the Board of Directors of CCoA is deeply concerned that the materials submitted by each artist for exhibit on the website are the original work of that artist and that the artist owns the copyright to the work. In my case, the pictures that I will submit for display on the CCoA website are pictures of my own work; I own the copyright to the work; and, if my own work was photographed by a third party, I own the copyright to, or have permission to exhibit, the photographs. I understand that the CCoA Board, at its own discretion, has the right to remove any or all of my works from the website in the event that any person or organization claims that such pictures violate the copyrights or privacy rights of any other person.

It is also my understanding that the Board of CCoA is equally concerned that all images presented on its website meet generally accepted, discernable community standards of suitability for general viewing. I understand that the CCoA Board reserves the right to remove any or all of my submitted works from the website if it feels that the submissions do not conform to such standards.

If you agree to these conditions, click on "agree" below, to take you to step three, the rate page, and the final step, paying online. When you pay online, your application for CCoA membership with Gallery privileges and a record of your agreement to the conditions will be forwarded by Paypal to the CCoA .    CCoA will set up your Gallery access and email you further instructions on uploading your images through the internet using any browser.

I Agree



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